Stop playing "spot the difference" every time you update your website.

See how Visual Regression Testing catches changes automatically through this free, 6-day email course.

Why should I learn Visual Regression Testing?

Because this is what happens when you change the CSS:

How can Visual Regression Testing help?

Computers are actually pretty good at spotting differences between images. Because they compare data (instead of the visual representation of that data) they can easily compare the values of two images to spot differences between them. Here's an example:

What does this course cover?

Everything you need to know to get started with Visual Regression Testing, including:

How is it split up?

The course is consists of 6 short lessons:

What's the catch?

We just really like Visual Regression Testing and wanted to help spread the word about it. The lessons are sent straight to your inbox, once a day for six days.

From time to time we may reach out with updates on the course content or more free stuff, but we try and keep that to a minimum. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Course Closed

Unfortunately, the content of this course has become too out-of-date to be useful. There are plans to update it, but until then, signups are closed.